Visibility Strategy Kit

Lifetime access to a simple and repeatable strategic planning approach that you can use for decades to ensure your visibility efforts are effective and that you'll be able to expand your reach with ease.

The course includes forty five lessons containing easy to follow step by step instructions for creating a visibility strategy that suits your business and preferred visibility approach.

Plus three bonus clearing exercises to be sure your inner world is also taken care of!

What People Are Saying:

"I love working through things quietly, in my own time, so the Visibility Strategy Kit has been perfect for me. You've given me the tools to work out what will actually work for me and my business."

Amy, Canada

$149.00 USD

Here's a link to the terms and conditions of our visibility block-clearing classes and courses. They are also set out below. 

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3.1 The class will be delivered upon receipt of full payment.


4.1 Refunds are not available for visibility block clearing classes or courses.


5.1 You acknowledge that I, Samantha Nolan-Smith, Founder, Principal and CEO of The School of Visibility, am not a medical doctor, or psychology professional. I am not a licensed financial advisor, and I’m not currently practising as a solicitor. Accordingly, any information or ideas I share during our work together is drawn from my training as a yoga teacher, Journey Practitioner, and Master Practitioner in the Compassion Key, as well as personal opinion, business experience, professional experience, educational background and intuitive guidance.

5.2 You understand that the Service, and strategies and ideas shared or discussed during the provision of the Service, do not come with any monetary guarantees or promises.

5.3 You and I both agree to indemnify each other and keep the other person indemnified against any and all actions, claims, proceedings or demands that may be brought against them in respect of any loss, death, injury, illness or damage which arises by reason of any breach of warranty, default, act or omission or any negligence by the person responsible for the breach or act (‘Responsible Person’) or by any employee, agent or subcontractor which the Responsible Person may employ.

Need a visibility block clearing class to support you as your develop your visibility strategy?

We've got you covered with '7 Visibility Blocks Stopping You From Growing Your Business'. 

Work through - and clear out - the 7 most popular visibility blocks that'll stop you from effectively implementing your visibility strategy.