Your work is far too important to stay hidden in the shadows

The visibility toolkit is for coaches, creatives, social entrepreneurs, and wellbeing professionals, who want to get their work out into the world...


...who are afraid of being misunderstood, saying the wrong thing, or being burned at the virtual stake. 

Access the eight key block clearing processes you need to show up and speak up with courage and a perspective that's entirely your own.

Start using tools (immediately) that will connect you with your most powerful and confident self.

And make you feel excited about being visible (rather than cautious and perhaps more than a little dubious).

Get instant access for just $29

You're a smart woman. You've got things to say. You know people are interested in the work you're putting out into the world.

The thing is, it feels unsafe to have more and more people looking at you and your work.

Surely some of them are going to start criticising you pretty soon...

Or judge you when you make a mistake or say the wrong thing...

You've seen people in the spotlight publicly criticised.

You've seen pile ons happening on social media. (And that's amongst people you know.)

God forbid the haters and the trolls find you...

The thing is, you want to get your work out into the world.

After all, your work is amazing and could help so many people, if only they knew about it!

This has been game-changing for me. I’ve started taking action in my work to reach new audiences, where I didn’t feel it was necessary before. I’m also feeling more confident in asserting my opinions in my personal life, like my voice matters more.

- Christey, Just Peoples, Japan

What if...

You could welcome a larger audience, without that constant fear of exposure?

You could share your opinion without second-guessing yourself or internally criticising every word?

You could feel effortlessly confident when talking about your business?

You could really start to influence your industry with your unique ideas and perspectives? (Ideas you've been holding back on for fear of being too different or unusual.)

The Visibility Toolkit is an exclusive bundle for coaches, creatives, social entrepreneurs, and wellbeing professionals.

When you pick up the Toolkit you'll get immediate access to the following visibility block clearing tools:

The benefits of staying small

There's a reason you're playing smaller than you'd like. Good reasons connected to staying safe. The problem is, if you don't clear those fears, you'll never fulfil your potential in business or life.

This exercise will help you clear the stories that keep you from playing a bigger game.

Limiting your voice

In your life, you may have had a relationship with a person who has limited your voice in a significant way.

This exercise will help you identify and clear out the messages they passed onto you and which are stopping you from speaking up.

It's safe to share your message

One of the most important things, when visibility feels unsafe, is to determine where to focus your attention.

In this exercise, you'll clear your fears around three different spaces and identify which is the most appropriate to focus your efforts on over the next few months.

Overcoming doubt

Doubt is a corrosive force that stops you from acting on those intuitive nudges and keeps you lopping round and round in the same circles without making any real progress.

This workshop lays out four clear actions to take each time doubt rears its ugly head.

Reconciling different parts of yourself

This exercise supports you to reconcile the conflicting parts of yourself that hold different views about the best way to be visible in the world.

Brave not perfect

In this exercise you'll work with your inner perfectionist and clear out all of the rules she has about the way you should show up, speak up, present yourself to the world, express yourself and so on.


Clear your fears around going live

This exercise will help you identify and release any fears specifically related to hosting live stream videos so they become easy and dare I say it... fun!

Resistance to taking action

Sometimes you really really want to take action to be more visible but it's like there's an invisible forcefield blocking your path.

This exercise will help you break through that wretched forcefield.

Plus a bonus exercise!

This will support you in clearing your mind before you speak up so you feel clear in your intentions and articulate in your expression.

Gain immediate access for $29

My mind has been blown by this visibility work. My world has opened up. I’m shocked at how many great changes I’ve made in terms of making myself visible.

I’ve started telling people about my work and speaking up more at home about the help I need.

- Felicity, FYChiro, Australia

Who's bringing this all to you?

That'd be me; Samantha Nolan-Smith, green tea drinking, introverted book lover, visibility coach and CEO of the School of Visibility.

Combining my background as a lawyer with training in various personal development modalities, I've developed a unique methodology for overcoming visibility fears.

One that works fast (because who has years to waste on internal block clearing?), so you can claim your place and be recognised as a leading voice in your industry.

The tools you access in the Visibility Toolkit are ones you can easily integrate into your business and personal life so you'll never again:

  • think about hosting a live stream video only to find yourself becoming very busy on all. the. other. things

  • go to speak up and then swallow your words

  • wish you could be like those other women who communicate with their communities so authentically and eloquently.

The Visibility Toolkit is delivered via a membership site with audio recordings and accompanying worksheets to help you dig out old beliefs and stories that are holding you back.

Fan of podcasts? You'll also gain access to a private podcast feed containing each of the tools for ease of access and use. 

Plus you get all the techniques you need to clear out those old ways of thinking and being on the spot.

Never again will you be left wondering 'But HOW do I break free of my fears?'

The tools we share with you in the Visibility Toolkit take you through the process step by step.

Gain instant access for $29

Your work is not too different, too woo woo, or too controversial to share with the world.

You are not 'too much' for the world.

Your opinion matters.

Your perspective is valuable.

The world is waiting to hear from you.

Let's get started.

Samantha is an amazing heart-centered coach who understands the impact trauma has on the visibility journey. 

When I felt more stuck than ever on my visibility journey no matter what I tried, I discovered Samantha's work and it changed so much for me.

- Samaria, Sacred Soul Practice, USA


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