Announcing 'A Life Made Visible'

community social media Jan 25, 2024

We're starting a new newsletter project for 2024! 

The newsletter will be called 'A Life Made Visible' and will be released weekly.

The focus will be on how we get comfortable with being seen and heard in a world that limits what we ought to look like and how we ought to speak.

Each week I'll be sharing visibility stories and insights that you can apply to your own life.

Here are the things that will make the newsletter different to what you're used to seeing each week:

  1. For people who receive our weekly emails, it will look different because it will be sent from Substack rather than ConvertKit. This means that there'll be added benefits to you as a reader. You'll have the chance to comment on that week's article and chat about it with other community members. Plus there'll be more seamless integration with other media - videos and podcast episodes - and a collection of notes (social media style posts all conveniently located next to the weekly articles).
  2. Each month I'll be writing about a different visibility-related theme. You can think of the newsletter as sitting somewhere between weekly emails which can be sent on a whole range of different topics, and a course that curates the learning experience for participants. In other words, as a community, we'll be moving collectively through the most important issues relating to visibility.
  3. The weekly emails will continue to be free, plus there'll be the opportunity to upgrade your experience to access visibility tools, practices and visibility immersion guides. This option invites you to shift from inspiration to transformation, by experimenting with visibility block-clearing tools at a fraction of the cost you might pay for a visibility course or program.

What do you need to do?

Nothing. If you receive our weekly emails, we will add you to the new platform, with no action required on your part.

You don't need a login. The emails will still come directly to your inbox and if you want to jump in on the conversation, you can do that with the click of a button.

If you like what you see and want to benefit from the bonus features, you'll then have the opportunity to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Don't worry though, there'll still be plenty of free content for everyone to enjoy. The paid option is for you if you want to supplement the newsletters with tools and practices so you can spend 2024 taking small but meaningful visibility-related steps.

NB: If you're not on our list and aren't receiving weekly emails from us, you can jump over here to subscribe.

What will happen to the blog posts?

Nothing. They all still exist right here. The blog isn't going anywhere and is a very rich resource for visibility-related articles. In 2024 it will also house the show notes from our upcoming public podcast show.

When it comes to writing, my focus will be on 'A Life Made Visible' in 2024, so that's where all new writing will exist.

What excites me most about starting a more focused newsletter of this sort, is the opportunity to chat more with you about the content I share.

Substack is a space for people who like reading and writing. It's a place to have more nuanced discussions than are possible on social media platforms.

I hope we can create a space for thoughtful conversations about how we're all showing up and speaking up in the world.

I know that by choosing to be a part of that, you'll see a positive impact on your confidence and on your willingness to be more visible.

I'm so looking forward to sharing this experiment with you.

Samantha x


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