Ways women are silenced: excluding women from decision making

patriarchal conditioning visibility blocks Sep 08, 2023

One critical aspect of being strategically visible is to know where to show up and when to push to have your voice heard.

If decisions are being made in male bathrooms or in strip clubs or on golf courses, this is something you need to know.

In the past women had two choices; accept it or join in.

Now, the environment is such that we can ask pointed questions like, "When was this decision made? Who was in the room? Why weren't we brought together as a team to discuss it?"

 At the very least, this can make people think twice about appropriate workplace behaviour and how power operates in their working environment.

To ask these questions though, we must first be willing to take up space and to stop being viewed as the 'good girl'; the likeable employee, the friendly co-worker. Our short course 'Smash the Patriarchal Mindset' can help with that. Check it out here.

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