The body is essential to clearing visibility blocks

patriarchal conditioning visibility blocks Aug 12, 2022

One of the challenges we can come up against on our visibility journey is overcomplicating the healing process. Healing old visibility wounds is such a core part of becoming more visible in the world.

If we can turn toward ourselves, our bodies, and the inherent wisdom within, we can learn to support our own healing. 

Yes, there’ll always be times to turn to another person for support and facilitation with healing.

Yes, sometimes the wound is too great to hold alone. We need someone to hold space for us or with us. To tenderly stand beside us while we dare to face the unthinkable. To see the truth beyond the pain. That we are whole. That we are not broken. That we are still here and we have survived.


There’s so much healing that’s being delayed or outsourced because we are too distant from our bodies. Because we are not operating in close relationship with our bodies. Because we don’t know how to listen to them and work with them. 

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