The healing power of visibility

peace Dec 30, 2023

The more I watch violence and harm inflicted around the world, the more I think about the deep wound that fuels it; feeling unseen and unheard.

The arguments online, and in family homes, elicit a simple message (beneath all those words and capital letters); hear me, see me.

I consider this a simple and effective path to peace; learning to listen.

We start with ourselves because in doing that, we build our capacity to hear others.

We heed our inner voices; the parts of us that are wounded, broken, enraged, afraid.

When these parts of ourselves remain unheard, they drive negative, petty, self-interested and sometimes violent, behaviour. They limit our capacity to hear anything at all until they are acknowledged.

It’s when we give them space to voice their concerns, to feel seen, to feel that they have been listened to, that we create space in ourselves.

Space for other voices. Space for reflection and contemplation. Space for compassion.

Then and only then can we start to hear. Really hear what others are trying to say. To hear what must be voiced.

This is a path to peace. It starts within.

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