Lesson 1 Showing up with a chronic illness

Season #1

In this episode, I share the ten lessons I learned from running Women Speaking Up - a year-long program - over the last four years with chronic illnesses. The lessons were; 

  1. I followed my energetic rhythms.
  2. I watched for resistance and cleaned it out rather than trying to push through it.
  3. I aligned my program delivery with my best skillsets.
  4. I pulled a small team of teachers around me to support the live elements of the program.
  5. I created a business model, that matches my best way of being visible.
  6. I worked to reduce friction in the program.
  7. I set clear boundaries.
  8. I took advantage of programmatic rhythms.
  9. I opted for simplicity and automation over delegation.
  10. I consciously brought him joy, wherever possible.


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Here's a snippet from the episode; 

"When I found that people were coming in, who were feeling very scattered or very busy, or they weren't feeling very grounded and so couldn't focus or be consistent with their strategies. I went back to a lot of foundational stuff and I worked on coming into the body and developing habits around consistency and slowing down.

I looked at nervous system support because of the ungroundedness and because visibility work can be so triggering. I was aware that the work can activate our nervous systems and so sometimes I had to really focus on stabilising that element before we could continue." 

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