Lesson 3 The four types of visibility block

Season #1

In this episode, I share the four different influences impacting on your experience of visibility and potentially causing blocks that need to be cleared if you wish to feel at ease with speaking up and being seen and heard. 


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 Here's a snippet from the episode; 

"Then we have the intergenerational experience, which is about your specific lineage - your ancestors and then also your descendants, the people who may come after you in your ancestral line. That lineage carries its own story of visibility... Let's say you have an ancestral pattern where the women in your family did not get the chance to live the lives of their dreams. Where they were in some form of servitude to other people. Where they were considered secondary players in their home or in their societies.

By connecting with that lineage and then doing work to heal the wounding associated with showing up on your own terms, being powerful, or expressing yourself in a way that feels authentic to you feels true to you."

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