Lesson 4 What's an umbrella concept?

Season #1

In this episode, I share a concept that I have found extremely useful when thinking about how to talk about my body of work in a way that wasn't confusing to myself or others and wove together a whole lot of interests and ideas that seem unrelated. 


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 Here's a snippet from the episode; 

"I came up with this concept first of all for myself, because I found after working many years in a very A-type personality style and with very unhealthy masculine traits of pushing and not really listening to my body and really trying to work in a very logical, and factory-like manner, I got very sick.

As a consequence, I decided I would never work that way again. So the first many years of my business were about exploring what working looks like if it doesn't look like that. I relied very much on intuitive guidance and intuitive nudges, and I relied on the wisdom of my body."

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