Hey there! I'm 

Like working in a personalised 1:1 setting?

Ready to feel seen? Or comfortable speaking up and sharing your opinion? Or appearing on camera and speaking promoting your work?

You're in the right place.

Hey there! I'm Samantha

Like working in a personalised 1:1 setting?

Ready to feel comfortable about speaking up, appearing on camera, and sharing your work?

You're in the right place.

I want you to feel confident, authoritative, and at ease when you share your ideas and your work with the world. 

I've been working in women's empowerment for 15 years. I know the questions to ask to uncover hidden saboteurs and I have amazing tools that facilitate healing at the deepest levels. Together we can get your work out into the world in a way that feels authentic and exciting to you. 

Let's talk about 
visibility block clearing

Visibility block clearing is a way of uncovering old experiences, wounding, fears, limiting stories, or unhealthy habits that are impacting either your willingness or capacity to:

  • speak up,
  • expand your reach,
  • build your community,¬†
  • share your work, and/or
  • establish yourself as an expert in your industry.¬†

We all have visibility-related fears

Some derive from our childhood. Perhaps you were bullied by your peers, or a teacher made you feel stupid, or a relative constantly diminished you and your ideas. 

Perhaps your fears are connected to systemic inequality; messages you saw and heard about your race, gender, disability, sexuality, or class.

Perhaps you're not sure why you're carrying around such fears. They just always seem to have been there. Like you were born with them.  

When those experiences aren't processed healthily or when they're pushed down or aren't healed, stories and impressions form within us. Stories and impressions around our voices, our bodies, our capacity to achieve great things. We unconsciously start to carry around ideas that sound like: 

  • 'my voice doesn't matter', or¬†
  • 'no one cares about my opinion', or
  • 'I'm not smart enough to share my ideas', or
  • 'It's¬†dangerous to try something new or different', or
  • 'It doesn't matter what I do, no one ever listens'.

And because that wound hasn’t yet been met and healed, each time you try to expand your reach by getting on camera, or pitching yourself for an interview, or sharing your writing, something feels off. 

You may not know what it is but the message is ‚Äėstop‚Äô.¬†So you find something else to do instead.¬†Something less visible.¬†Something that probably isn‚Äôt going to grow your business.¬†

It feels good because you’re back in your safety zone. But... The truth is, you and your business are stuck. And the longer you stay stuck, the worse things get for you financially and the more frustrated you start to feel. 

And you find yourself either spinning your wheels, or getting very busy in the back end of your business, or giving up entirely.

Or you speak up at home and no one listens, they don't value your boundaries, or they diminish your perspective.
Which is incredibly infuriating.

Happily, there's another way.

When we work together, we dig into, and clear out, the root causes of your visibility quandaries. Here are some of the things we might work on:

Feeling invisible or ignored

Speak so that others hear you

Fear of saying the wrong thing

Get comfortable articulating your ideas

Fear of public speaking

Embrace the stage with clarity and confidence 

Imposter syndrome

Embody your expertise and share it

Fear of being judged

Learn to be visible despite the haters

Discomfort with being on camera

Share your ideas authentically

Wondering what kind of results you can expect?

Here's what people say about working with me:

Claude, London, UK

Having a one-to-one session with Sam was worth every penny.A very deep experience handled with care. Sam is a brilliant facilitator, very grounded and down to earth…. I left feeling YEARS lighter and clearer.

Sam, Sydney, Australia

If you haven't worked 1:1 with Sam and you're struggling with anything, then give yourself the best gift I've ever given myself and have a session. 

Gulara, Birmingham, UK

Sam just helped me remove a huge block which, if unaddressed, would have stopped me from offering 1:1 work. After the session, I went for a walk and met an ideal client! Thank you Sam for this amazing work. It's magic :)

Belinda, Gold Coast, Australia

I had the biggest clearing of my life on Monday. Sam, you are a wonderful practitioner! I am experiencing the world differently now... and it's a sweet place to live. So much gratitude. So much love. 

Bridget, USA

A quick LOVE shout out to the talented and impressively authentic Samantha Nolan-Smith. She has shown me what AWESOME integrity is in business. She showed me HOW to be natural and real and calm and easy about who you are in the world and putting it out there without fear or shame. She blew. my. mind! I definitely recommend her work!

Ready to get started?

Let's do this! There are three options to choose from:

Support when you need it

$999.00 USD

Great for anyone who needs occassional clearing work

  • 3 x 75 minute video sessions
  • 6 months to use the sessions
  • Follow up¬†clearing programs sent directly after each session

Intensive support

$1999.00 USD

2 month package to clear the decks

  • 4 x 75 minute video sessions convened every 2 weeks
  • Follow up¬†clearing programs sent directly after each session
  • Voxer check in¬†between sessions

Ongoing support

$2999.00 USD

6 months of 1:1 work + group coaching

  • 6 x 1:1 sessions¬†to use over 6 months
  • enrolment in our signature program Women Speaking Up
  • a week of Voxer support¬†to start to identify the key areas to focus on

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